You've probably seen a © at the bottom of this website. This means that a copyright is active on this website.

What's not allowed:

- Making copies of the website
- Using my logo and name
- Download or use photos posted on my website
- Copying texts
- Download content listed on my YouTube channel and upload it on your own YouTube channel

Don't panic, you can still ask me for permission if you want to use a photo on this website or a video from my YouTube channel. You can do this by email: Please do include "request permission" in the subject line of the e-mail, so I know it's a request.

Then at least you know what is and isn't allowed. That's nice of course. Saves annoying situations. I can imagine that doubts can arise when you are not sure whether you are allowed to use something or not. 1 tip: when in doubt, feel free to ask.

Regards, DutchKarting.